About Biscotti Queen

Biscotti Queen is the first-ever Biscookie. Imagine a biscotti + cookie and voilà, you have Biscotti Queen’s Biscookie, a softer biscotti, like a cookie! Artisanal, small-batch, and chef- made, Biscotti Queen prides itself on using the finest and top-quality ingredients.
Our premium Biscookie is made and sold locally in Toronto, Ontario. 
Everything is made in-house and from scratch. As a local entrepreneur, we strive to support fellow local businesses by using locally sourced ingredients.

What is different about Biscotti Queen?

Biscotti Queen is a Biscookie which is unlike any biscotti that you have ever tried. A beautiful adaptation from the traditional Italian biscotti, each bite is the perfect marriage of the texture of a soft & tender cookie and the slight crunch of biscotti. But Biscotti Queen sticks to the original recipe and each biscotti is twice baked.
Biscotti Queen is baked from the heart and Made with Love.