How do I care for my Biscookies?

To best preserve your Biscookies, we recommend leaving them in their box for up to one week. You can also freeze your Biscookies by putting the Biscookie box in a freezer friendly bag and/or container. Biscookies freeze beautifully and can be stored in the freezer for up to two months. To prepare, thaw at room temperature or pop them into the oven at 350 degrees for one to three minutes to enjoy them warm.

Pro tip: Frozen Biscookies are amazing! My daughters adore eating them straight out of the freezer! Give it a try!

Fair warning: We don’t suggest storing your Biscookies in the refrigerator or using a microwave to reheat them as this can cause the Biscookies to dry out.

I have a food allergy, what can I eat?

All our Biscookies are handmade and prepared on shared equipment in our kitchen, all of which process wheat, dairy, eggs and products that may contain traces of nuts. While none of our Biscookies are made with nuts, they all may contain traces of nuts.

Are you Kosher?

Our kitchen is not certified Kosher.

Are any of your products suitable for vegans?

We are currently recipe testing and hope to offer vegan Biscookies in the New Year.

Are any of your product’s gluten-free?

We are currently recipe testing and will offer gluten-free Biscookies in the New Year.

However, if you have a gluten sensitivity, we want to reiterate that since we are not a 100% allergy-free bakery, these are not certified gluten-free.