Our Story

Queen Nancy’s Story

My name is Nancy Burkes and I have two passions in life: desserts and art.
My creative career began at OCAD (Ontario College of Art and Design) where I was formally educated in Textile Design and Fine Arts. I then worked for many years as a commercial artist, exhibited numerous curated projects, and taught art to children.
Seeking to marry my love for baking and design, I pursued a degree in Pastry Arts at George Brown College. As a Professional Pastry Chef, I have worked in some of the finest kitchens around Toronto, including The Windsor Arms Hotel and Rosedale Country Club.
The one constant has been my love for baking biscotti. For years family and friends have begged me to open my own biscotti bakery and, after 25+ years of making my specialty Cookie Biscotti, the time has finally arrived.
I am thrilled to introduce Biscotti Queen to the world! And, as you will soon discover, this is not your typical biscotti.
P.S. I was born with a sweet tooth, and yes, I personally taste test every biscotti!

Biscotti Queen’s Story

Biscotti Queen was born out of pure love: love of sweets, family, and the special way that food, and dessert of course, brings people together.
In line with my love of family, we are a mother-daughter duo, attached at the hip, and partners in crime. Meet Nancy, the Pastry Chef & Mother and Jill, the Chief Biscotti Operations Officer & Daughter.
Nancy has always spoken about wanting to open a bakery. With Jill’s support and encouragement, Nancy is finally putting this into action. Today, the 25-year dream is becoming a reality.
You are probably wondering, how did Jill do it?

Princess Jill’s Story

In late 2019, following nearly a 10-year stint abroad in London, India, Thailand, and Tel Aviv, Jill returned to her hometown city of Toronto. For a soft landing, Jill temporarily moved into her parent’s home. When COVID-19 hit, temporary became long-term. It became a no brainer – now was the time for– Biscotti Queen.

With the inspiration of a creative business model, paired with Jill’s genuine adoration for her mom’s talents, together they used the quarantine to make Nancy’s dream come true.


Love Biscotti Queen Nancy and Princess Jill